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So much environmental thought stays inside the abstract space of philosophy, policy recommendations or debates. With this category, we stay close to the ground: To bear witness to the losses of lifeforms, lifeways and places that humanity's no-limitations growth is driving. To remember the Earth realities we love and are fighting to preserve.

How to submit a piece for this series

We are seeking pieces for the journal of around 1000–1500 words, with up to ten references, that describe such a loss. Contributions might focus on a species in decline, a habitat on the wane or some other example of human-caused ecological decline, and they should offer suggestions, if possible, as to how the loss might be halted or even reversed.

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Pieces published in The Ecological Citizen

WITNESS: Loss of biodiversity linked to dead or decaying wood (the fading of the saproxylic rainbow)
Witness by  Joe Gray[Vol 5 No 2 2022: 172–7]
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WITNESS: Order Sirenia
Witness by  Eileen Crist[Vol 5 No 1 2021: 37–42]
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