The Ecological Citizen: A peer-reviewed ecocentric journal

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Vol 3 No 2 2020

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Ecocentrism and our possible futures
Editorial  [Pages: 109–10]
Curry P
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Small cetaceans, big problems
Opinion  [Pages: 111–14]
Hodgins N
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Do current conservation plans to protect vital marine ecosystems need to do more?
Opinion  [Pages: 115–16]
Bender M
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De-centring humans from environmental valuation: Introducing the Life Framework of Values
Opinion  [Pages: 117–18]
O'Connor S
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Field guides as a gateway to appreciating more-than-human concerns
Opinion  [Page: 119]
Whyte I, Gray J
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Ecological citizen!?
Reflection  [Pages: 121–3]
Rolston H III
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Towards an ecocentric movement?
Long article  [Pages: 127–34]
Johns D
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Religion and environmental behaviour (part two): Dark-green nature spiritualities and the fate of the Earth
Long article  [Pages: 135–40]
Taylor B
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Ecospheric care work
Long article  [Pages: 143–8]
Streit Krug A
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This civilization is finished: Time to build an ecological civilization
Long article  [Pages: 157–62]
Read R
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Ecodemocracy: Operationalizing ecocentrism through political representation for non-humans
Long article  [Pages: 166–77]
Gray J, Wienhues A, Kopnina H, DeMoss J
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Life in others – a review of Frog Pond Philosophy: Essays on the relationship between humans and nature
Book review  [Pages: 182–3]
Lubarsky S
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Landscapes of defiance: A review of Benjamin Vogt’s A New Garden Ethic
Book review  [Pages: 192–3]
Vitek B
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Poetry section from The Ecological Citizen Vol 3 No 2
Poetry section  [Pages: 199–206]
Postnikov V (Editor)
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