The Ecological Citizen: A peer-reviewed ecocentric journal

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Vol 3 No 1 2019

Issue with partial focus on religion

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Religion and the natural world
Editorial  [Pages: 5–9]
Curry P
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Reflection  [Pages: 13–14]
McLoughlin LA
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The Catholic Church and human relationships with nature
Snapshot  [Pages: 19–20]
Blay J
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The potential of Buddhist environmentalism
Snapshot  [Pages: 25–6]
Darlington SM
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Against piety: The planet, the Pope and Laudato Si’
Snapshot  [Pages: 27–9]
Keenoy R
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A bestowed trust: The perception of nature and animals in Islam
Snapshot  [Pages: 33–4]
Özdemir İ
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Ecocentric Paganism
Snapshot  [Pages: 39–40]
York M
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Judaism responds to the environmental crisis
Snapshot  [Pages: 41–2]
Tirosh-Samuelson H
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The Anglican Communion and the natural world – an interview with David Shreeve
Interview  [Pages: 52–3]
Shreeve D
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Buddhism and the natural world – an interview with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
Interview  [Pages: 56–8]
Rinpoche RT
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Christianity and nature
Exchange  [Pages: 59–62]
Cooper N, Curry P
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Religion and environmental behaviour (part one): World religions and the fate of the Earth
Long article  [Pages: 71–6]
Taylor B
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Animism and ecology: Participating in the world community
Long article  [Pages: 79–84]
Harvey G
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How should ecological citizens think about immigration?
Long article  [Pages: 85–92]
Cafaro P, O'Sullivan J
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Deborah Bird Rose (1946–2018): A personal reflection
In memoriam  [Pages: 93–4]
Mathews F
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Poetry section from The Ecological Citizen Vol 3 No 1
Poetry section  [Pages: 95–9]
Postnikov V (Editor)
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