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Vol 2 No 2 2019

Issue with partial focus on water

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Water – a free-flowing subject that reveals the urgent need for humanity to change its course
Editorial | Pages: 121–7
Gray J, Whyte I
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The Anthropocene: Where on Earth are we going?
Opinion | Pages: 129–30
Steffen W
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Fighting the disappearance of Balkan rivers
Opinion | Pages: 131–5
Wieser C
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Holistic versus individualistic non-anthropocentrism
Opinion | Pages: 137–8
Mikkelson GM
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Addressing the decline in wetland biodiversity
Opinion | Pages: 139–40
Finlayson CM
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Ecuador endangered: A call to action
Opinion | Pages: 141–5
Seed J
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Limited civilization based on beauty (a vision)
Reflection | Pages: 147–8
Postnikov V
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Decoupling the global population problem from immigration issues
Reflection | Pages: 149–51
Crist E
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Neptune's Navy: A global initiative
Special feature | Pages: 153–4
Watson P
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Photo feature – The devastating scale of waste in the oceans
Photo feature | Pages: 156–62
Power C
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Against enlightened inaction: Edification from Thoreau
Long article | Pages: 163–71
Plotica LP
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Future rivers, dams and ecocentrism
Long article | Pages: 173–7
Piccolo JJ, Durtsche RD, Watz J, Österling M, Calles O
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Rights of rivers enter the mainstream
Long article | Pages: 183–7
Wilson G, Lee DM
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Dandelions are divine
Long article | Pages: 189–93
Vitek B
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Damaging thinking: A review of Timothy Morton's Being Ecological
Book review | Pages: 198–9
Dickerson A
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Looking beyond the past to give African wildlife a future: A critical review of The Big Conservation Lie
Book review | Pages: 202–5
Bodasing T
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Poetry section from The Ecological Citizen Vol 2 No 2
Poetry section | Pages: 213–21
Postnikov V (Editor)
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