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Eileen Crist

Eileen has been teaching at Virginia Tech in the Department of Science and Technology in Society since 1997. She has written and co-edited numerous papers and books, with her work focusing on biodiversity loss and destruction of wild places, along with pathways to halt these trends. Eileen lives in Blacksburg, VA, USA.


Guest-edited supplements

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From darkness back into the light: Humanity’s rewilding imperative
Editorial  [Vol 6 No 1 2023: 3–8]
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Got nitrogen? On the links between nitrogen pollution and overpopulation
Editorial  [Vol 5 No 1 2021: 3–10]
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WITNESS: Order Sirenia
Witness  [Vol 5 No 1 2021: 37–42]
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Suffer the animals
Editorial  [Vol 4 No 2 2021: 101–2]
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For cosmopolitan bioregionalism
Long article  [Vol 3 Suppl C 2020: 21–9]
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The significance of ecocentric vision
Editorial  [Vol 3 Suppl C 2020: 5–7]
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Restoring the living ocean: The time is now
Long article  [Vol 3 Suppl A 2019: 27–41]
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The biodiversity crisis must be placed front and centre
Editorial  [Vol 3 Suppl A 2019: 5–6]
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Decoupling the global population problem from immigration issues
Reflection  [Vol 2 No 2 2019: 149–51]
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All is one
Personal story  [Vol 1 Suppl A 2017: 36–7]
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The affliction of human supremacy
Long article  [Vol 1 No 1 2017: 61–4]
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