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Restoring the living ocean: The time is now

Eileen Crist

The Ecological Citizen Vol 3 Suppl A 2019: 27–41

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The first part of this two-part essay looks at the destruction that industrial fishing has unleashed on the global ocean. Human beings have forgotten the living abundance that the seas once harboured. A conglomerate of anthropocentric concepts, mega machines, international fishing fleets and consumerist oblivion has laid waste to that abundance, and brought extinction, death and suffering to marine beings. The subject matter of part two is deep-sea mining, which is under preparation for commercial launching. Like industrial fishing, it must be stopped. What is at stake at this historic moment is not only the fate of the living ocean, but who we are and who we choose to be as humanity on this planet.



Biodiversity, Human supremacy, Protected areas, Sixth mass extinction, Water