The Ecological Citizen: Confronting human supremacy


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Enacting the wisdom of Chief Seattle today in Latin America

Coyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil

The Ecological Citizen Vol 1 No 1 2017: 55–9

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First published: 1 July 2017  |  PERMANENT URL  |  DOWNLOAD CITATION IN RIS FORMAT


Humanity is currently dominated by an anthropocentric interpretation of the value of the rest of nature. The history of this paradigm is briefly explored before the author turns to review recent and ongoing initiatives in Latin America aimed at promoting the ecocentric worldview and developing the necessary supporting legislation. In particular, the author describes major political developments in Bolivia and Ecuador, as well as more local changes in Mexico. The 1st International Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth, which took place in Mexico City between 1 and 5 June 2016, is reviewed. The article concludes with a rallying call for local endorsements of a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, a continuing of national and global actions to stop destructive projects wherever they are happening, and the mobilization of a global ecocentric alliance.



Direct action, Earth jurisprudence, Earth-centred law, Rights of nature